[Daily LIVE schedule]: Day 5 - netIP Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2016

The wind just picked up - cross fingers in Cold Hawaii. 

The wind just picked up - cross fingers in Cold Hawaii. 

The wind just picked up here in Cold Hawaii. 

It's not quite there, yet, but there could be sailing later today. 

Starting at 12:00 CEST we’ve prepared the following live program for you:

0) Skippers meeting
1) The current weather forecast with head judge
2) Steven Seagull fly-over - looking at the Cold Hawaii coast

13:00: First hourly live update on the current weather situation


A digital hug

If you feel that the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, and what we do to bring you the event, is pretty cool - and are thinking: I wonder how I can do more to support those guys and girls? - well, there’s a way :) You can give us a big digital hug by joining Friends of Cold Hawaii, the non-profit organisation behind Cold Hawaii & the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. Buy a personal membership for as little as 10 €/year (goes exclusively towards supporting voluntary work within the organisation).

Join during this year's event and participate in the raffle for: 

- 1 x North Sail Hero Rig
- 1 x Fanatic Free Wave Stubby Textreme
- 5 x one week's stay in a Vigsø holiday house in Cold Hawaii

Thanks to all of you that already did :)!