Impressive tow-in freestyle show on the water in Cold Hawaii

The second day of the netIP Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup proved to be yet another lay day for the main competition as expected with light winds and small waves. 

During the afternoon a tow-in exhibition featuring – Amado Vrieswijk (NB-20), Dieter Van der Eyken (B-35) Alessio Stillrich (G-95) Sebastian Kornum (DEN-24) and Rasmus Øgelund (D-22) – was held to keep the everyone entertained.

The forecast for tomorrow again looks like very light wind, but with a long period swell (0.4m at 14s) there is the possibility of running a SUP competition  — in the event that the wind remains too light for float and ride. 

More news and live schedule tomorrow morning.


A digital hug
If you feel that the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, and what we do to bring you the event, is pretty cool - and are thinking: I wonder how I can do more to support those guys and girls? - well, there’s a way :) You can give us a big digital hug by joining Friends of Cold Hawaii, the non-profit organisation behind Cold Hawaii & the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. Buy a personal membership for as little as 10 €/year (goes exclusively towards supporting voluntary work within the organisation).

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Thanks to all of you that already did :)!