Strong field for the netIP Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2016


  • Half way through the PWA Wave World Tour the windsurf elite in wave performance meet in Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii. 
  • Tremendous chance for the Spaniard, Victor Fernandez to further his lead. 
  • Due to injury current world champion German Philip Köster will not be competing in Klitmøller. 
  • Danish Kenneth Danielsen has yet another chance to prove that he belongs among the best when competing on his home ground.
Kenneth Danielsen (D38) is Denmark's greatest hope for a position in top ten in Cold Hawaii.

Kenneth Danielsen (D38) is Denmark's greatest hope for a position in top ten in Cold Hawaii.

The seventh edition of Cold Hawaii Windsurf World Cup starts in Klitmøller. From September 19 until September 25, the world's elite windsurfers, including the current ranked first on the PWA tour 2016, Victor Fernandez (E42) from Spain, will be crossing swords in the little fishing town, facing some of the best windsurfing conditions in northern Europe. Victor Fernandez's closest rival is the reigning world champion Philip Köster (G44) from Germany. Köster will be missing due to a severe knee injury. The netIP Cold Hawaii World Cup presented by Thisted Forsikring and Citylift is the third of six stages on the way to the crowning of this year's 2016 PWA world champion. 

The reigning vice-champion Victor Fernandez will be starting in Klitmøller ranked 1st on PWA tour 2016. 

Looking back at his performance over the last six events in Cold Hawaii, the chances of further advancing his lead looks good for the 32-year-old Spaniard. Thanks to the stable stormy conditions in Klitmøller, Victor Fernandes has been able to show off his amazing windsurfing skills, placing him among the top five riders every year. 

Victor Fernandez says:

"After intensive training at home in Almerimar, Spain, I’ve been in Klitmøller since September 10th. The event in Cold Hawaii is one of my favourite stops on the PWA World Tour. I love the place, the windsurfing conditions and not least the locals who are always wholeheartedly into the cause."

With two victories – one in Gran Canaria and one in Tenerife – Victor Fernandez currently has a comfortable lead over the reigning world champion Philip Köster (22) from Germany, who will be missing due to a severe knee injury.

The netIP Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will – however – be far from a walk in the park for Victor Fernandez. With fellow countryman, Alex Mussolini (E30) currently ranked number 3, along with Brazilian, Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne (BRA105) ranked number 4, and the Australian, Jaeger Stone (KA120) ranked number 5; Fernandez will be under some pressure. Not forgetting Thomas Traversa (F3), two times winner of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup and currently ranked number 6. Thomas will be breathing down Victor's neck, equally eager to gain points and further his success in Klitmøller. 

Kenneth Danielsen (D38) is Denmark's greatest hope for a position in top ten in Cold Hawaii. The 1 m 89 cm local muscle-bound has been participating in the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup every year since 2010. More than once he has shown that he can surpass himself on his home-ground. With a sixth place in 2015, only barely beaten by German Klaas Voget (G4) in heat 31, he did extremely well. Kenneth Danielsen says: 

“I always look forward to the event in Klitmøller. Something special happens to me when I'm competing on home ground. Everything mysteriously just works better. Part of it has, of course, to do with the fact that I know the waters "like the back of my hand". The atmosphere is always good in Klitmøller. I feel proud to represent my country and a place that now for the seventh time in a row has managed to create such a fantastic event.” 

PWA World Cup Ranking 2016: 

1. Victor Fernandez (ESP)
2. Philip Köster (GER)
3. Alex Mussolini (ESP)
4. Marcilio Browne (BRA)
5. Jaeger Stone (AUS)
6. Thomas Traversa (FRA)
7. Robby Swift (GBR)
8. Dany Bruch (GER)
9. Adam Lewis (GBR)
10. Leon Jamaer (GER)
28. Kenneth Danielsen (DEN) 

Nb.: After two of six World Cups. 

Event Location:  

Ørhagevej 189, Klitmøller
7700 Thisted


New title sponsor: netIP
netIP is deeply rooted in Thisted and views Cold Hawaii as one of the strongest place brands in Denmark. The sponsorship provides excellent opportunities for exposure, but first and foremost, they have invested in the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup to show local pride through an event of this magnitude in the area.

About Klitmøller:
It is no coincidence that the West Coast in Thisted Municipality is called "Cold Hawaii" by windsurfers from all over the world. Klitmøller is considered the capital of Cold Hawaii. Steady high wind and up to six-foot waves are the hallmarks of the little fishing village which is broadly recognised as one of Europes top windsurfing spots. The village is located in the centre of Thy National Park