[VIDEO]: Four days to go. Here's your guide till the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is just around the corner making it our 6th time here.

Again we've put a lot of effort into creating the best possible program for you. This applies both if you are at the venue, and if you're following from a distance. In both cases, the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will remain the most interactive event on the circuit. Here's how you can follow the event:

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As a recipient of our newsletter, each morning you'll receive an email briefly explaining the day's program and thus our live schedule. Sebastiaan Van Den Berg will be your host, and Ben Proffitt will be your co-host during the entire event.

We'll broadcast live throughout the single- and double-elimination. If there is no wind, we'll prepare 60 min of exciting Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup TV. If there are side-events, those will be included  in the broadcast.

The German prodigy, Philip Köster, was crowned the World Champion in Cold Hawaii two times (2011 and 2012). With two titles to his name (2012 and 2014), Frenchman Thomas Traversa is the only man who has managed to conquer the North Sea more than once. Things haven’t gone quite his way so far this season. Nevertheless, Traversa will be a huge threat again and could quite possibly derail the title challenge of either Victor Fernandez - who currently leads the 2015 PWA Wave World Tour - or Philip Köster, who sits just behind Fernandez in second place.

That said, so far this season the level has been incredibly high. In reality, almost anyone can beat anyone in any given heat, so it really does promise to be another intriguing battle. One thing is for sure, though: In the end, the best man will win the title in Cold Hawaii. 

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