[Daily LIVE schedule]: Day 4 - KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2015 (action day)

What is Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii all about? How did it come about - and who are they? It's hard to explain and there are certainly many angles to that story, but that shouldn't keep us from trying. That's exactly what we've done. Here it is - you can't argue with a pointing pipe.

Finally, the waiting game is coming to an end. Today it’s going to happen. Wind and waves are kicking in this afternoon and staying with us for a while. 

As usual we’ll go live at 1 pm CEST. ¨

Here’s what we’ve prepared for you: 

//Still a bit of waiting game left
//When the wind suddenly kicks in. What happened at Tenerife?
//Live from Hvide Sande - the wind is there and moving north!
//From waiting to standby game - how to you control your emotions? 
//Voxpops sailors - how do you stay focused?

//Start of competition

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