Top musicians will raise the roof during the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

This year Simon Kvamm and Morten Manaa present "Rowdy Cold Hawaii". Saybia play on Thursday. Friday is De Eneste To. Saturday is the Big Party with DJ Pelle Peter (P3)

It is a massive boost to the festive program, under the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. We are nothing less than STOKED, and hope that all of you will be a part of making these nights into a special experience for all.

Tickets (starts Tuesday, September 1st, 8.00 am): or at  N151 in Klitmøller or WestWind (in the shops)

Location: Kassehuset, Ørhagevej 156, Klitmøller


THURSDAY, September 17th
19:00: Doors open
20:00: Warm-up and quiz with Simon Kvamm
21:00 to 22:30: Saybia
22:30 to 2:00: DJ 

FRIDAY, September 18th
19:00: Doors open
20:00: Warm-up and quiz with Simon Kvamm
21:00 to 22:30: De Eneste To
22:30 to 2:00: DJ 

SATURDAY, September 19th
19:00: Doors open
19:30: Film screening (Standing on Water)
21:00: Simon Kvamm talking with Casper Steinfath and other guests
21:30 to 2:00: The Big Party with DJ Pelle Peter (P3) & guests

A few words from the presenters, Simon Kvamm & Morten Manaa

"With these events we want to try to contribute to the cultural life in Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii and in Thy. In cooperation with local initiatives, we will create some festive, upbeat evenings with music, film and entertainment on the scene at the "Kassehuset", in Klitmøller - provided by local, nationally and internationally known names. Simon will be the host during the warm-up to the evenings, in the form of music and entertainment".

"We come humbly and with great respect for the wave of initiatives, that are already happening in the area. We will just try to fall into the local groove, as gently as possible. The profits go directly into creating an even better Cold Hawaii, for the enjoyment and benefit of the good people of Thy

We have come to Klitmøller because of the sea, the sky and the wide open spaces. We would like to try to be a part of a different social reality than the one we already know from the big city. We would like to try to go against the flow - in other words, move from city to the outskirts! We would like to try living in a small community, where one perhaps feels more like a part of something bigger.

We really look forward to seeing you in the "Kassehuset", in Klitmøller

Simon & Morten

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