Florian Felker will make you rock the beat - maybe even dance

This year we have moved the Cold Hawaii Thursday, Friday, and Saturday parties from the outskirts of town to the center of the venue: the village hall or – well, you might as well learn to say it – Æ’Redningshus. We need all of you guys to be right there with us. We promise you: this year it’ll be cozy, crazy, and fun.

Friederich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake,” and we couldn’t agree more. 

Florian Felke aka Flowsun, one of our returning DJs at the Cold Hawaii parties, is one of the people that’ll help us avoid those mistakes. He’s even bringing his friend and partner Bernd Jonas. 

“Together we'll play a set full of party bangers from House to Trap to Dancehall to Rap to NuDisco to Electro. I’m an open format DJ. I’m constantly searching for sounds in all kinds of music genres from all over the world. That’s what I’ll bring with me to Klitmøller,” says Florian. 

Florian lives in Hamburg, where he’s a teacher and social worker when he’s not a DJ. He has what you might call a diverse taste in music.

“It really depends on the mood and situation. The music that has followed me since the mid 90s is rap music. That was the reason I started as a DJ. Back then I had a crew with MCs, DJs, a graffiti artist, and so on, and really lived the hiphop culture,” says Florian.  

According to Florian, any song with a good deep soulful or funky bass line and dope sexy or cool beats and good vocals will find a way into his collection.

“As a DJ I see myself as an advanced search engine or a curator of music. Mainstream is fine, but you have the radio for that. My job is to broaden your horizons. If I’m lucky, you’ll rock the beat – maybe even dance,” says Florian. 

It was also through music that he found his true love, jazz singer Lizz Kinga.

“We got to know each other during a rehearsal for a project called 'Donkey Stuff.' After that we had an electronic soul band together called NUMBE:RA. Later she studied jazz in Holland. Watch out for her – she's on the verge of something big,” says Florian. 

To Florian, Klitmøller is much more than music and parties. 

“I really love Klitmøller. There’s just something to it – the landscape is so beautiful and the people are so friendly. If I’m not there minimum once a year, something is missing. I even got on a surfboard at this year's Surfjoint. I’m almost there,” says Florian. 

We’re so happy to have Florian around for this year's Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. Not only can this guy spin a party, he is simply a really nice guy.