The Cold Hawaii Cafe – to give us a taste for more Cold Hawaii

In many ways, the Cold Hawaii Café is at the heart of the event, and we must at all times do what we can to take care of the heart.   

In many ways, the Cold Hawaii Café is at the heart of the event, and we must at all times do what we can to take care of the heart.


By tradition, the village hall (the boathouse or ¬– in Danish – æ'Redningshus) will be transformed into the Cold Hawaii Cafe during the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. The place will be run by the local surf club and is known for its delicious food and a warm atmosphere. According to Christian Poul Petersen, who is the volunteer leader of the cafe, this year will be no exception. 

"We look forward to a week with lots of exquisite food, and we are pleased with the support we have received from our local food sponsors. With Cafe Conrad, Bagerens Køkken, Klitmøller Røgeri, Møllen, Stenbjerg Kro, Den Gamle Slagter and Det Gamle Røgeri, we can ensure not only good food but also a range of food from several corners of our region," says Christian. 

With Christian at the helm, the overall lineup this year is in safe hands. Christian is a trained chef, and worked in places like Eros, Fredes Flyvende Tallerken and Umani before he started in 2010 on an accredited bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Health at Metropol in Copenhagen. 

"We are a team of volunteers from the NASA Surf Club, and we will do our best to ensure top quality service. The menu includes hot dishes for both lunch and dinner, sandwiches and a lot of fresh fruit. For those with a sweet tooth, there will be a variety of delicious cakes and snacks," says Christian. 

In 2012, Christian started at Aalborg University, where he is currently finalizing a master in Learning and Changing Processes. However, according to Christian, you do not have to attend university for several years to know that you shouldn’t change a winning strategy. He has given assurances that the Cold Hawaii Cafe will be much as our loyal customers know and remember it. There will, however, be some small changes. 

"Through our partnership with the local Thise Dairy, we’ve worked on a new breakfast composition. First of all, we are the beneficiaries of Thise’s uncompromising organic approach. Quite simply, all the dairy products will be organic. That way everyone should get a good start to their day,” Christian promises. 

Christian's interest in learning and change processes also plays a role. 

“A sense of community among the volunteers is paramount. I hope I can contribute by adjusting a little something here and there, giving all the people who have indeed put a lot of hours into our little cafe the experience of learning something that can be taken elsewhere and used for next year’s event. In many ways, the café is at the heart of the event, and we must at all times do what we can to take care of the heart," says Christian. 

Christian, who in 2012 moved to Klitmøller with his wife, Belinda, and two children (now three), was born and raised in Horsens. According to Christian, the family chose Klitmøller because here they are blessed with good grandparents who help care for the children, but also because they were captivated by the unique culture of the town. 

"There is something special about Klitmøller. I wasn’t surfing when we came to Klitmøller, but nevertheless to us the attraction of the place had something to do with surfing. There’s something to it. Now, I’m a surfer. The loop is closed – Klitmøller is our home," says Christian. 

We are really, really happy to have Christian and the Surf Club NASA on board and look forward to another great week with a good atmosphere and good food right here on the edge of the North Sea.