[Press release]: Grounded fishing boat in Cold Hawaii creates problems for World Cup

Photo: Eddie Wagner Photographie

Photo: Eddie Wagner Photographie

There is a fishing boat, grounded, 50 meters from the beach in Klitmøller - right where the world's best wave windsurfers will sail, today, in this year's PWA World Cup in Cold Hawaii. “It's like the boat just got placed, right in the middle of the park”, said event manager, Robert Sand.

A medium sized fishing boat has run aground on the reef, at Ørhage, where the world's 32 best wave windsurfers, this afternoon, will embark on this year's World Cup in Cold Hawaii. The fishing vessel ran aground during the night and is located about 50 meters from the beach.

"It is sitting right where surfers prefer to jump and ride on the waves. So it is an unfortunate and also surprising start to the World Cup week”, remarked, Robert Sand

“It means that there is a fishing boat in the middle of the park! I think we can continue the competition, but it is annoying for surfers to sail around a grounded boat. If nothing else, people will remember the 2014 edition of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup for years, as the place where surfers had to navigate around a fishing boat”, says a positive, Robert.

The alarm went at 04:10 to Coastal Rescue in Hanstholm, which sent a lifeboat and rescued the crew from the cutter. The rescue operation was in close dialogue with the Admiral Danish Fleet, which gave the order that the ship, for environmental and legal reasons, would be towed away tonight. It is supposedly up to the owner and his insurance company when it should happen. The cutter was reportedly on the way from Hanstholm to the south, when it run aground, for unknown reasons.

The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup competition opens today at. 12:30, and the first surfers come on the water at 13:00, if weather conditions permit. Right now, with the wind and waves how they are, it’s a close call.

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