HF Cold Hawaii Moonlight surf in Vorupør a success

Saturday night about 500 curious and surf interested people came to Nørre Vorupør to watch the HF Cold Hawaii Moonlight Surf. 

Illuminated by a 75,000 watt floodlight, they saw 10 young surfers competing in a three round, 500 m track, SUP race.  

Not surprisingly World Champion and professional local star – Casper Steinfath – won all three races and the overall competition. Second place went to Malter Søndergaard.     

- The wind was quite fierce, which made the conditions pretty difficult. Great fun though! says Casper Steinfath, who’s traveling to California where he’s bound to be one of the favourites in The Battle of the Paddle 2014 – one of the toughest and most prestigious SUP event in the world.

- I’m stoked that so many people came to Nørre Vorupør to watch the competition, says Casper Steinfath commending the organizers of Saturday's contests, HF Cold Hawaii. 

- HF Cold Hawaii really show the spirit of surf. They have done a great job. I’m so excited on their behalf, says Casper Steinfath. 

And the moon? Well, it was a slow starter – too sluggish to raise above the horizon and the waves. Just minutes after the last participants crossed the finish line it came up as golden and colourful as ever. 

Props to HF Cold Hawaii for making this event happen. We’re so proud to say, that the HF Cold Hawaii Moonlight surf event in Nørre Vorupør is part of the warm-up for this week's KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in Klitmøller.