Long Distance SUP Race was an exciting and tough competition

Boris Klarsgaard - on his way to a well deserved 2nd place  Photo: Eddie Wagner

Boris Klarsgaard - on his way to a well deserved 2nd place

Photo: Eddie Wagner

With good winds and great waves, Sunday's long distance surf race, from Klitmøller to Vorupør, was a tough game for the eight participants. The 15km really used up the energy of the SUP'ers, in competition. 

- "I have tired arms. They are so heavy now." says the winner, Lars Petersen - smiling and puffing! 

He completed the distance in one hour and 13 minutes. A very impressive time! 

The weather was almost perfect for SUP surfers. There was a 10 meter per second wind, from north-northeast and nice waves all the way, around one meter high. 

- "It was really nice out there. There was always a good chance of falling in, on the waves. So conditions were good and it was an exciting competition", says Lars Petersen, a former European champion. 

Number two was Boris Klarsgaard, with Niels Lønborg in third. Both crossed the finish line only a couple of minutes behind the winner. It was a close race, indeed! 

All participants agreed that the wind was great. But they would have liked bigger waves, so they could use the waves more, in regards to surfing. 

- "SUP is a technical discipline when it comes to reading the waves and wind direction. It chopped and changed, something today", says Lars Petersen.

Tommy Fjord, the only long distance windsurfer out there, gain much higher speeds and rocked up in Vorupør after only a half hour of sailing!

Today's race was part of the warm-up weekend, that takes place every year, just before the "main event" - the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.