The PWA World Wave Champion title - just around the corner?

Victor Fernandez - feeling right at home, in Klitmøller

Victor Fernandez - feeling right at home, in Klitmøller


Victor Fernandez has been one of the most consistent sailors, on the PWA World Tour, since he started windsurfing professionally. Victor has dominated the top spots, of PWA ranking list, for the last 5 years - hitting the World No.1 spot in 2010. He is currently at the top of this season’s rankings, after two events, and an exciting win, over Ricardo Campello, in the final, on Gran Canaria.

“I´m very happy to have such a good start to the year, so far”, says, Victor. “I've been very focused this winter and I trained a lot at home, in Almerimar, with very good conditions. Also my trips to Chile and Maui were good, and I scored amazing conditions to prepare my gear for the 2014 season. I think my focus, motivation and passion for the sport help me to do well, so far”.

Victor first came to Klitmøller, back in 2006, when he took part in the Soulfiles event… and won it! Since then, a lot has happened - for Victor, and for the local area - and a 1st place finish, on danish waters, has been close... but not close enough! With his sort of motivation and passion, could the spanish maestro be on his way to winning, here in Cold Hawaii, this year?

“I’ve never won this amazing event, and I would love to. A few years ago I was really close getting top spot on the podium”, say Victor.

So far this year, all the top guys are in really good form and firing on all cylinders. Also, Jaeger Stone has popped-up in the top 3, after a few years off the PWA tour, and is really going for it. Take all this into consideration, and it could make for a very exciting and close contest, on our rugged shores.

“Yes, this year will be very difficult, as always in Cold Hawaii, because of the diversity of the conditions and the huge level of all the riders. Of course Philip Köster, Marcilio Browne, Thomas Traversa, Ricardo Campello, Jaeger Stone and Alex Mussolini and many more will be very hard to beat”, remarks the spanish champ.

For Victor, a close relationship was born with this quiet fishing village, back when he first came here, 8 years ago - and that affection towards Klitmøller has since grown.

“I love Klitmøller, because it is a peaceful town, not many people, conditions are good, nice people and I like quiet places like this. I really like how the town has been involved with the water sports, such as windsurfing, surfing and SUP’ing.”

Fernandez has a somewhat  “local ambassador” role, that seems to have grown quite naturally and comfortably on him. Many people involved with the PWA World Cup in Klitmøller, and the locals here, talk very highly of the humble, yet competitive spanish hombre. Last year, he visited the local school, and met the youngsters, in addition to being  part of the exclusive entourage that showed the Danish Prince around the event site.

“It was an honour for me to visit the local school and show to the kids what we do, all year, to become professional windsurfers, including the places we travel, where we come from, etc. With the local surf, in town, you give the kids the chance to get into this sport, and being part of the ocean. Last year was great to meet the Prince of Denmark, at the World Cup. I had never met a Prince before!”

With such a good start to this season, and his ever-trusted father by his side, as his caddy, things are looking good for the 30 yr old, this year. Even though a PWA World Wave Champion spot is his end of season goal, we’ll need to get further through the events, before we start calling him the World Champ.

“It´s still very early for that, as the tour is much longer than the other years, and we still have many events in front. Anything can happen! I’m in a good position and I will try to sail my best, in every contest, to have the chance at the end of the year”.

Well, with some of the tricks and moves, that Victor Fernandez likes to pull-off, on the big wind & waves of Cold Hawaii, then top spot or not… he’ll certainly put on an awesome show - for you, the kids, a prince and everyone else.