[ONE HOUR TO GO]: Cold Hawaii nominated for the Danish Sport Award 2014 - VOTE NOW


Cold Hawaii has been nominated for the Danish The Sport Award. If you vote for Cold Hawaii, we get one step closer to 100,000 kr. for a NEW sports initiative in Thy. VOTE NOW! The voting stops TODAY, at 09.00 CET. CLICK HERE to vote: http://goo.gl/pntw4C 

The background:
Cold Hawaii, along with a number of other projects across the country, have been nominated to receive the Danish Sport Award. If the our project wins, the local council, Thy, receives 100,000 kr!! This money goes towards a NEW sports initiative in the municipality. NOT towards the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

The first step is to vote. The projects receiving the most votes will enter the BIG FINALE, on January 10, 2015 in Herning. Voting stops already Friday 14th, at 09.00. Therefore, Thy needs your vote now!

For NASA surf club, Friends of Cold Hawaii and a lot of volunteers, who over the years have worked hard to establish Cold Hawaii, it will be a great pleasure if all the work could now also contribute to other good initiatives, in the area, so they could get some financial backing, to start THEIR project.

Therefore, we hope that you will help us spread the message and the link to vote, to your friends, family and pets. Together, we can come one step closer to 100,000 kr for a NEW sports project in Thy